Monday, April 6, 2015

"Literacy with an Attitude" Patrick J. Finn

Patrick Finn argues the differences in the education between schools in different areas. Finn believes that schools in wealthier neighborhoods provide a better education for their students. The teachers in wealthier neighborhoods are well off and aren't struggling. The students have complex work and they have to think logically. While schools in working class neighborhoods, have inexperienced teachers. The students here don't have as much complex work, they get the "easy" work.
After reading this article, it got me thinking about what is going to be done about these inequalities. I have never put much thought into these equalities and I guess that's because I never suffered from them. I came from an upper middle class area and I thought everyone, no matter where they live, got taught the same way. That isn't case. One quote that I really liked from the preface of the book is "An idea that is often associated with this point of view is that our schools offer literacy equally to all comers, but somehow the have-nots refuse to take us up on our offer. They're not smart enough or they're lazy"(ix). I don't agree with this at all and neither does Finn. I find it pretty crazy how people blame the less fortunate. Students who go to school in a working class area may need a little extra help with their work, that doesn't mean they are refusing to do it or that they're lazy.
wealthy vs. poor
The way Finn described his teaching style reminded me of Delpit. He was making his students aware of the rules and codes of power so they could succeed. "But, in fact I was schooling these children, not to take charge of their lives, but to takes orders" (3). He was teaching them how to be "obedient students because those are the ones who succeed.
I think it was a good thing for Finn to do this with his students, but change is important as well. I think it would be a good thing for children in the working class area to know they have a chance to do whatever they want with their life. That they are able to move up in the world instead of staying stuck in poverty. People need to be willing to make a change so that all schools can actually have equal education instead of only schools in wealthy areas benefiting. "it takes energy to make changes and the energy must come from the people who will benefit from the change" (xi). I agree with this completely. This is a difficult topic and  a lot people aren't going to stand up for it if they aren't being affected.

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  1. Even though the pictures you added were very simple, they absolutely emphasized the point of the reading and your ideas on it. Your blog was really enjoyable to read because of how to the point it was while still hitting all the main points! Awesome work! :)